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Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations,... Oh My!

Updated: Sep 22, 2018

As an educator, and everyday power user for documentation, it’s important that we have options for editing documents on various devices. Even better, FREE options. In a world that’s moving towards subscription-based models, we now have the tools to manage documents, spreadsheets, and even presentations wherever we are.

The following are my top three favorite services:


Apple iWork

I’m not going to lie. I’m a die-hard Apple fan. I’ve got the phone, the watch, the iPad, the laptop, coffee mug, you name it… So, obviously, I’m going to talk about their products first. In addition, they are super versatile!

The iWork suite contains a diverse set of products, but today, we are focusing on documentation. The trilogy includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These products are your counterparts to the Microsoft Office Suite that we are all familiar with. iWork products can be downloaded for free on most Mac products as well as accessible via a computer browser using your Apple ID at

With iWork, your documents are tied to your Apple ID and stored on iCloud, so it becomes accessible via any device with your login. No more worries about forgetting that flash drive with your work on it. Don't worry - PC users aren't left out on this product. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote ALL export file formats that can be read and edited by Microsoft Office. So if you alternate using a PC or Mac, you aren't limited by the device you are using.

Website for more information:


Office Online

A product most of us are familiar with, Microsoft Office, has also moved to a subscription-based model known as Office 360. While free accounts can be found as a student or educator, the everyday user may not have that luxury.

With this in mind, I introduce you to Office Online. This allows you to use free Office Online apps via desktop browser, internet connection, and a Microsoft account. You'll be able to save the files to your OneDrive and/or local computer storage. One drawback is that users will notice that this is not the full version of the programs. So if your teacher was expecting a specific office theme, you might be out of luck. Overall, a great go-to in a pinch when needing to edit documentation.


Google Docs

Google has been making its on impact in the educational realm. Schools are adopting Google classrooms with Chromebooks while supporting Google Drive and Google Docs. This is another contender in the versatile adaption between products.

This web-based software can be used online, and offline, via Google Chrome browser. Google Docs can open, edit, and export out your Microsoft Office documents, just as we saw with Mac's iWork. These programs can also be installed to your mobile devices to work on documents on-the-go, unlike Office Online, which requires you to use a desktop browser. Documents can be stored on your Google Drive (cloud-based storage) with a Google/Gmail account.

Website for more information:


This will wrap up my first blog as a #TechnologyTutor - I'm looking forward to providing more tips & tricks for the everyday user!

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