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Day 4 of Incubation

On Monday, Matilda started the incubation period. From what I have seen, she has five eggs. Yesterday morning she started piling a layer of loose feathers and soft down on top of the eggs. She comes generally around 7 AM in the morning and leaves around 4 to 5 PM.

At the start of this process, I had left out a bowl with water. I have found mixed feelings on the Internet about whether or not you should feed the duck while she is resting. This morning I decided to peak my head out to see if she was there yet.

She is absolutely beautiful. She blends into my aged mulch very well. I can see why she likes my flower bed so much. I decided to go grab a piece of bread and throw her a few pieces around where she's laying. I can tell you this, she is a master at the side eye.

I will have to download some videos this evening to post. I've had a rough few days and passed out early last night. I was able to sneak a picture of her this morning, and her beautiful flash of blue feathers.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and feel free to share this post with others!


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